Welcome to the Wiki of the PADGETS project

Before using the PADGETS wiki, please read carefully the relevant Documentation

Partners' Area

For entering the PADGETS partners collaboration area click here

PADGETS EU Commission Area

Project Final Deliverables

Project final deliverables (accessible by the EC and reviewers)


For information about how to use the wiki, please refer to the Syntax, the Manual and the Documentation

In order to get familiar with the wiki usage please do your first steps in the playground

Few Important Tips

The Trace at the top contains the history of the pages that you have visited (can be used instead of the back buttons).
The Index contains the list of the active wiki pages by name.

The basic actions are:

  • Create New Page
    • While creating new pages, please make sure that their name is unique, because the wiki cannot distinguish 2 pages with the same name but under different folders.
  • Edit Page Options (syntax)
  • Upload Files (Images and other files)

If you have any doubts or problems please contact the Wiki Administrators (ATC)

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